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Home to over 150 leaf tea from around tea world.

Tea has long been associated with wellbeing and health. Researches show tea contains antioxidant and many other nutrients, which are associated with health benefits such as alleviating ills of the body and mind. Tea is taken medicinally in many parts of the world and is used to help manage weight, with skin toning, and relax or energize the body.

We also offer a selected range of teapots and tea chests, ship to your door with responsive service.

We manufacturer many leaf tea blends, as our stock tea range as well as for many tea businesses in Australia. Private label tea packs and custom blending tea wholesale orders start with small minimum. 

We are based in Sydney, Australia since 2003. Call our friendly tea experts on 02 8850 1774 or buy directly online.

Tea is very good, bought cup infuser with handle, best infuser i have owned, found tea prices much cheaper on than my previous supplier.

Company provided very good communication, quick delivery and very high quality fresh tea.

I have been using tea from for years. I especially enjoy a cup of Silver Needles or Sow Mee after breakfast and a cup of Oolong after my midday meal.

Hula Girl blend of green tea reminds me of sitting on the black lava shores of Kawaii, sitting under a palm tree and sipping a beautiful green tea.

Went back to using a teapot. When it came to buying "proper" tea leaves, there was not much choice and the tea itself was not really "leaf" tea - virtually what was used in teabags but just on a larger scale. I shopped around and found this site. I ordered 2 different types of tea to try. Am using the Assam Dikom at the moment. What a joy it was to see proper tea leaves - not the chopped up version AND the taste was sublime. Would recommend the tea to anyone after a real "tea" experience.

I have been purchasing my tea from for many years for my personal use. In fact, it was this company that helped me to believe I could create my own tea business. I found the online tutorials helpful. And I always received a quick reply when a question was asked of them online.The staff at are friendly, and professional with their business. I have only had my business for five months, and it is still getting off the ground, so at this stage, is assisting with building my confidence.

It is the tea company I consistently return to for the following reasons, 1.great variety of tea; 2. Friendliness ; and 3. Fast and affordable delivery. I look forward to having a successful business arrangement with

Thank you it was really great to have some clarity and ideas for maximising my bottom line. Much appreciated is the only place I buy my tea. It is not about price (although theirs are pretty good), but about the quality and reliability. I have been using their products for the past 5 years and recommend it to many friends and colleagues. Great service and all good!

I used to buy teabags from supermarkets. I found from my internet search and they helped me to find the right tea in leaf form. I was a bit reluctant with leaf tea, but after trying it, I totally love it and now my everyday ritual. Rock on guys. Top service!

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